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Wednesday 20th Jan

Here are the answers to the GPS and reading comprehension tasks from yesterday.







Maths activities

GPS     Please do this task before your Topic

LO To use fronted adverbials in sentences.


We have been looking at adverbials and adverbial phrases as you know they are linked with the prepositional phrases. Today we will focus on fronted adverbials.


The video below will show you a number of different fronted adverbials you can use when you write. (Make sure you also use some when you write your story for topic today).


  • You must watch the video below before completing the task.
  • Look at the PDF document for further examples of adverbials. 
  • Complete your tasks.

Fronted Adverbial Video


  • Watch the presentations (Year 5 and Year 6 have a different lesson each).
  • Complete the tasks and check your answers.

Yr 5 maths presentation (LO To subtract decimals within 1)

Still image for this video

Yr 6 maths presentation (LO To find percentages of amounts)

Still image for this video


LO – To write a narrative describing settings, characters and atmosphere and integrating dialogue

  • Click the website link to watch a video about writing in first person and third person.
  • Watch my presentation in full screen to hear the audio.
  • The tasks are included in the presentation. 
  • Open the document to read my (with the help of my very own year 6!) story of what happened to Buck.


Last week you followed a video practising some yoga positions. We will be continuing with yoga all term. Today’s yoga session takes you into the world of Harry Potter! Watch the video below as you join in.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Reading Focus-Inference

  • Watch and listen to the next reading of 'Call of the Wild'.
  • Then open the reading tasks and complete the questions. 


'Call of the Wild' continued

Still image for this video

Maths activities

Click on the link to have a go at playing some maths games. You can continue to practise your multiplications and divisions or play games related to the maths you have been learning.