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Wednesday 24th February

Good Morning Saplings!

I have seen some amazing Home Learning work sent in so far! Well done everyone!

Plan for today’s home learning:

  • Topic Lesson
  • Maths lesson
  • GPS
  • Reading activity
  • Times tables
  • French
  • Music


Topic Lesson

Learning objective: to plan a food tasting report

For today’s lesson, your task is to a plan a food tasting report based on the four chocolate bars you tasted yesterday using the template below. Please explore the features of a report on the PowerPoint below first and then the example template.  Try to  use a variety of  adjectives and the 5 senses to describe each one of your chocolate bars.


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Features of a Report

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Maths lesson

For Math’s today, Year 3’s will continue with equivalent fractions whilst Year 4 will move on to count in fractions. Please find below a separate PowerPoint and worksheet for each year group.


Year 3

Learning objective: to find fractions using a number line

Please go through the PowerPoint below and then complete the maths worksheet. There is also another document  with some maths challenges you may like to try. 

Yr 3 PowerPoint

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Year 4

Learning objective: to count in fractions

Today’s lesson involves counting in fractions and some are top-heavy fractions where the numerator is greater than the denominator and there are also some mixed fractions. Please explore the PowerPoint below before completing the Maths worksheet. The PowerPoint has an example of how to change a top-heavy fraction to a mixed fraction using the part-whole model.  Try to complete as many of the tasks as you can on the worksheet.

Year 4 PowerPoint

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Reading Activity

Learning objective: to complete comprehension questions based on Chapter 3

Please read chapter 3 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory below and then complete the comprehension questions


Learning objective: to explain the purpose of a heading and sub-heading

The GPS activity today explores what headings and sub-headings are used for. The purpose of this activity is to support children’s understanding of why headings and subheadings are used in their report writing for topic.

GPS PowerPoint.mp4

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Times Tables

Learning objective: to recall a set of multiplication and division facts

To help you practice your times tables, you may like to try some of the fun activities in the document below


For French, please first to all explore the BBC Bitesize link below which explains how to make crepes (pancakes). Once you have done this, try learning some of the french vocabulary used in the recipe.


The link below provides a range of home learning songs with activities you may like to try