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Wednesday 27 January

Good Morning Saplings Class!


Plan for today’s home learning:


  • Maths times tables
  • Y3 Maths Revision – Measure and Number
  • Y4 Maths lesson – Calculating Missing Lengths in Area
  • Reading task – Coyote and the Rolling Rock
  • Reading Task – Answers to Puma and the Bear
  • Topic- Writing a Story
  • GPS – Verbs
  • Learn spellings daily

Maths: Times Tables -L/O: to develop rapid recall of multiplication table

Knowing your times tables well will help you in most areas of mathematics. In area you will be multiplying one length by one width to find the number of squares.

Y3 – This week practise your 3 x table

Y4 – This week practise your 7x and 8x tables

Y3 Maths Lesson – L/O: to use and apply number operations to solve measure problems

You will be deciding which operation to use to solve a maths measure problem, add, subtract, divide or multiply.

Y3 Maths Revision - using and applying number to solve measure problems

Y4 - Finding the Missing measure in Area

Still image for this video

Y4 Maths lesson – L/O to calculate the missing length in area
You will be learning how to calculate missing lengths in area by using knowledge of properties of squares and multiplying length and width.

Y4 Finding the Missing Length Worksheet

Reading – L/O: to locate information and draw inferences

Today’s story is Coyote and the Rolling Rock. As you read this think about how you might write your story. Try to answer the questions in full sentences. Remember to answer on a separate sheet with a title and a date.

Reading Task - Coyote and the Rolling Rock

Reading Task - Answers to Puma and the Bear

Topic – to plan a story based on a Native American Lore

We are going to write a story over the next few days – writing a bit at a time.

Today is about thinking and planning your story. To think about which animals you want to include in your story. You will write the first few sentences and try to include some descriptions about your animal and the setting.

Topic Task - Writing a Story in a Native American Style

Topic - Writing your story

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GPS – Verbs

You will locate the verbs in sentences then try to make them more powerful.

There are 3 sheets to choose from. Y3 use sheet 1 or 2 and Y4 use sheet 2 or 3.




Test yourself daily after learning them. There might be one or two that prove very difficult to remember. These are the ones to really work on. Good luck for Friday!