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Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Wednesday 3rd Feb

This week is Children's Mental Health Week.

Mental health and wellbeing is of course important all year round. On the rainbow link on your main home learning page you will find information and activities for you to try out.

Here are the answers for Tuesday's comprehension tasks.







Maths Activity


LO - To create and use hyphenated words


  • Open the link to watch the video which explains how and why hyphens are used.
  • Complete the tasks on the document below.



Today you have separate lessons. Watch the presentations in full screen mode and answer the questions.


Yr5 LO – To recognise decimal sequences



Yr 5 Maths presentation

Still image for this video

Yr6 LO – To multiply decimals by integers


 Yr 6s, there is no optional task for you.

Yr 6 Maths presentation

Still image for this video


LO -To think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and present a perspective on an aspect of historical importance.


Today you will be learning about Earnest Shackleton


Watch the video below. It makes reference to all three of the explorers we have studied, but it is predominantly about Shackleton’s Endurance expedition (from 4minutes into the video to about 9minutes)

Subject Knowledge Animation: Shackleton

Now watch the presentation below which includes your task.


The Powerpoint is included as a separate document in case you would like to refer to individual slides.

Topic presentation

Still image for this video


Focus- Vocabulary and Inference


Listen to me read the remainder of Chapter 3.


Watch the video about the terms ‘Protagonist’ and ‘Antagonist’ before you complete the reading task.

Call of the Wild reading

Still image for this video

Protagonist and Antagonist

Now open the document below to find your reading task.


Watch the video below for today’s Yoga session in the world of Minecraft!

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Maths Activity (Times tables)


Open up the link below to see how many answers you get correct in one minute.