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Wednesday 3rd March

Good Morning Saplings!


Plan for today’s home learning:

  • Topic Lesson
  • Maths lesson
  • GPS
  • Reading activity
  • Times tables

Topic Lesson

Learning objective: to write up your own recipe

You will be writing up your recipe today during registration at 10:30am as part of your writing task. Please do not start this task until registration so that everyone has the same amount of time to write up their recipe. Below is a list of things you will need for the registration and some words mats you may like to use. Remember, to focus on the instructions and try to include some of the language features often found in a recipe such as:

  • Imperative verbs (mix, add)
  • An adverbial phrase (add the mix to the cake mixture very slowly
  • Adverbs for time (first, second, now, then) First,  mixed the butter and egg together 
  • An adjective-Now, whisk the egg and flour together until light and fluffy. 


What will you need?

-A pencil/pen

-A piece of Paper

-Your recipe plan from Monday/Tuesday

 -You may like to use some of the word mats


Writing the Recipe

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Maths lesson

Year 3

Learning Objective: to find fractions of a set of objects

Children in Year 3 will explore how to find fractions of a set of objects. Please first of all go through the PowerPoint below and then complete the Maths worksheet. You may like to also try one of the challenge cards which can be found under the Year 4's work after completing your main worksheet.

Year 3 PowerPoint (1).mp4

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Year 4

Learning Objective: to recap prior learning

The PowerPoint below goes over some of our previous learning in fractions. The purpose of this is to consolidate our learning. Please go through the PowerPoint below and then complete the maths worksheet. Below are also some challenge cards you may like to complete. You can choose which one (or more) you may like to complete. 

Year 4.mp4

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Here are some additional challenges Year 3 and Year 4 may like to try. You can choose which challenge you may like to try. 


Learning objective:  to recognise and use fronted adverbials

For GPS today, there are two separate tasks below to complete.

Task 1:

To recap our work on adverbial phrases on Tuesday, here is another worksheet (1 or 2)  below to practice them. Both of the worksheets below are similar, but vary in difficulty. You can choose to complete worksheet 1 or 2. Worksheet 2 is more challenging than worksheet 1. It is entirely up to you what worksheet you choose to complete.

Task 2:

This task involves recognising fronted adverbials. Please explore the PowerPoint below first which explains what a fronted adverbial is and try the worksheet attached afterwards.

Definition:  A fronted adverbial is a word, phrase or clause that is placed at the start of a sentence. They are used to explain how (manner), when (time) or where (place) something happens. A fronted adverbial is separated from the main clause with a comma. For example: Like a speeding rocket, Superman flew through the sky.

GPS PowerPoint.mp4

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Reading Activity

Learning Objective: to answers comprehension questions with different domains

Please read chapter 8 of Charlie and the Chocolate factory below and then complete the comprehension questions.

Times Tables

Learning objective: to recall some multiplication and division facts

Please find below a range of interactive games to help you practice your times tables! When you go on to each site, please click the times tables that you are focusing on this week. Year 3 you are focusing on x3, x4 and x8 whilst, the Year 4 you are doing  x7, x8 and x9.



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