Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Wednesday 3 February

Hello Saplings Class!


Plan for today’s home learning:


  • Maths time tables
  • Maths lesson
  • Reading task
  • Topic 
  • GPS

Times Tables

Y3 - Continue learning your x 3 and x 4 tables

Y4 - Continue learning your x 7 and x 11 tables

You will use your times tables a great deal in fraction work.

Fraction Powerpoint (not mp4) The graphics are better on the fractions

Saplings Powerpoint

Still image for this video

Y3 Fraction Word Problems

Y4 Harder Fraction Work - if you feel ready

Reading task

There are 3 levels included. (text and questions)

Y3 choose 1* or 2*

Y4 choose 2* or 3*

The Dangerous Friends

Still image for this video

GPS - Inverted Commas (speech marks)


Write a short conversation between two children having an argument over something.

Remember to start speech with a capital letter and add some form of punctuation before closing speech.

Remember those commas.


"Let's go to the park," suggested Tom.

"I want to go to the cinema," said Fran, "there is a good film on."

Tom frowned and replied, "I've seen that film and it was rubbish!"