Sedley's Church of England

Primary School

Love to Learn - Learn to Love

Weekly challenges

Welcome to beat the teacher! You challenge is to watch my weekly video below and have a go at beating me at a challenge. 


Who is going to win? Acorns or Mrs Trusler....... laugh


Mrs Trusler 1 - 1  Acorn class 



Challenge one - Smarties challenge

Oh Acorns, all of you that completed the smarties challenge did so well! It wasn't a first easy challenge. However, Mrs Trusler won with being able to move the most smarties! 


Lets hope you can win the next challenge Acorns! Come on! laugh

How many times can you catch a ball in 30 seconds? Can you beat Mrs Trusler? 

Challenge two - Catch a ball

Still image for this video

WELL DONE ACORNS! To those of you that completed the weekly challenge........... YOU won it for Acorns this week! 


It is now 1 point to Mrs Trusler and 1 point to Acorns. Lets see who will win our 3rd challenge to be the overall winner! laugh