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World Book Day 2021

Good morning everybody and welcome to World Book Day 2021. You will find below a range of activities linked with World Book Day. I hope you all have a great registration session with your teacher sharing a story with you. You can watch the short video below for an introduction to some of the activities, but the most important part of the day is that you enjoy sharing and reading books, and have lots of fun.

World Book Day 2021.mp4

Still image for this video

Here you will find my World Book Day challenge.


Can you match the members of staff with their favourite children's book?

Good luck everyone!

The link below will give you some more information about this national competition to design a book token.  You will need to use the template if you take part in this competition, so if you do want to take part and can't print it off, I have printed some and left them outside the school front door.



Here you will find a downloadable £1 book token, these will need to be printed off to use, so again, if you  have any printer issues  I will have some copies printed off. These will be left in a box outside the school front door if you need them.
You will see below the links to the World Book Day quiz, the template for the book marks, and also the Scavenger Hunt sheet.

I have put the links below for the following activities on the World Book Day website; Share a Story Corner, the author and illustrator academy, and the link to the Audio books.  I hope you enjoy looking at some of these resources!


Share a Story Corner (


World Book Day author & illustrator videos for schools


World Book Day Audiobooks


The final link, is a sheet that shows you how you can make your own book, by folding paper carefully. Maybe you would like to make your own book today?

I hope you all have a lovely fun day, and I look forward to seeing some of you in your World Book Day costumes!


Bye for now,

Mrs King