Curriculum Overview


When we talk about ‘curriculum’ we don’t just mean what happens in lessons in the classroom.  Whilst that is a huge part of it, the curriculum is actually everything we offer our children from the moment their school day begins to when they leave.  It covers classroom learning, playtimes, enrichment opportunities and much much more!

Statement of Intent

Here at Sedley’s CofE Primary School, we have developed a broad and balanced curriculum that children are excited by!  We teach all areas of the curriculum through themed topics, using purposeful and engaging activities.  We aim to inspire our young people and enable them to reach their full potential as local, national and global citizens through support and challenge.

We aim to develop a range of skills and knowledge in our children during their time with us.  We are making use of a ‘Growth Mindset’ across the school so that our pupils are independent, confident problem solvers.  Our curriculum prepares our young learners for the next stage in their education journey and addresses all elements of their growth and development.  The learning and well-being of each individual are paramount and our curriculum allows this to happen.  Reaching their full potential is fundamental to all we do and our children leave us as lifelong learners.

Statement of Implementation

From Early Years to Year 6 we deliver our curriculum in a variety of ways through whole class lessons, small collaborative groups or individually, both in the classroom and outdoors.  We track coverage and progression and focus on fundamental knowledge and skills for each year group in each subject. Links are made across subjects to make learning more memorable and meaningful, and we encourage flexible timetabling so that subjects receive sufficient time and attention. We fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum, as well as provide additional enrichment experiences and extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils.

The methods of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum are continually being reviewed to ensure all the requirements of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, the National Curriculum and RE are met.


Here at Sedley’s C of E Primary School, we use Kagan structures across the whole curriculum.  Kagan is all about collaborative learning and getting everyone involved, and we find that it encourages children to fully engage in the classroom and leads to growing confidence and flourishing young people!  It allows all learners to be heard and helps our children to support each other in the classroom.

For more information about Kagan,visit the Kagan website

Statement of Impact

We use a variety of assessment and record-keeping procedures to monitor the progress of each child as he or she moves through the school. This ensures that children are given work that builds on their existing knowledge and gives them the opportunity to acquire new skills and understanding.

Built into our assessment programme are meetings with parents and pupils in the Autumn and Spring Terms and an annual written report in the Summer Term. Parents are always welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child’s progress at any time during the school year.

A baseline assessment is carried out in the Early Years when children first join, along with phonics screening in Year 1 and standard assessment tasks in Years 2 and 6.

Daily formative assessment is carried out by teachers in order to inform their planning so that children receive learning that is pitched to their ability.  Flexible grouping is in place in order to ensure children are challenged and supported accordingly.

children laughing ouside on the playground during a PE lesson

If you require any further information about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school office who will put you in contact with the relevant subject leader.

Curriculum Overview Downloads

EYFS Long Term Plan
Long Term Plan for Years 3 and 4
Long Term Plan for Years 5 and 6