Physical Education

Physical Education Subject Leader: Mrs T Grimwood

By embedding a high-quality physical education curriculum, it helps to inspire our pupils to excel in competitive sports; providing opportunities for pupils to sustain their health and fitness.


All our children partake in an inspiring and creative curriculum in all subjects, which allows them to develop knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm in their learning. This is applied to our PE curriculum. We aim for our children to leave Sedley’s CE Primary School physically educated along with the knowledge, application and motivation required for them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This enthusiasm will help them with leading a healthy lifestyle as well as participating in physical activity and sport.

sedleys pupils passing a ball along a line
group of sedleys pupils dancing in the school hall


Pupils access a wide range of sports and activities and staff deliver this learning in a fun way from Early Years to Year 6.  We work collaboratively with colleagues in a secondary setting to ensure pupils receive specialist PE teaching in some of our year groups.  All classes experience a variety of games, gym and dance learning and we also value the use of visiting workshops to further enhance the acquisition of and enthusiasm for different sports and activities.

Our children have many opportunities to find their sport and have the chance to represent our school in a wide range of tournaments, opportunities and after school clubs. Our vision and values feed into our PE curriculum, allowing children to develop a love for this area of learning.

All children take part in the Daily Mile as well as teachers making use of Active Maths on a reguar basis.


Children develop a sound understanding of the importance of physical activity, and how it links to positive mental health.  They foster a love of sport, in a variety of ways, and are able to move onto their next phase with the necessary knowledge in a range of areas.

children laughing ouside on the playground during a PE lesson

Physical Education in Each Stage

  • Physical Development — Gross Motor Skills:

Children at the expected level of development will:

  • Negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others;
  • Demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing;
  • Move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.

  • Physical Development — Fine Motor Skills:

Children at the expected level of development will:

  • Hold a pencil effectively in preparation for fluent writing – using the tripod grip in almost all cases;
  • Use a range of small tools, including scissors, paintbrushes and cutlery; Begin to show accuracy and care when drawing.

Continuous provision ensures there are many opportunities for children to develop their physical abilities.  The careful planning of the environment, both indoors and outdoors, ensures ample access to learning that will help children achieve and work towards the Early Learning Goal.  It also ensures support and challenge are in place for those that need it.

pupil receiving medal outside on field at sports day

Children in Key Stage One develop their abilities within dance, gym and games that help them to increase their balance, movement, stamina, cooperation and understanding of how their bodies work.

All children participate in regular PE sessions and those requiring support are included in an appropriate way so that activities are inclusive and for everyone.

Children increase their understanding of how to work effectively as part of a team, and develop their performance skills.

three children running smiling at the camera

In KS2, pupils will adapt their PE knowledge and skills to advance, succeed and excel in team games. Pupils will demonstrate a wide range of actions with precision, control and fluency and will learn a deeper level about athletics and outdoor education.    Swimming lessons feature within the KS2 PE curriculum so that pupils can achieve the 25 metres required by the time they leave us.

sedleys dodgeball team playing in tournament in sports hall, young girl at forefront throwing a ball

Physical Education Progression

PE Coverage and Progression


SEND Information

PE lessons are adapted for SEND and more able pupils are challenged and given opportunities to lead and demonstrate.

Physical Education Extra Resources

For remote learning, please visit our remote learning page or contact our Head of PE for more information.


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