Design and Technology

Design and Technology Subject Leader: Mrs R Dunne

Design & Technology prepares pupils to deal with the ever-changing world. We aim to combine practical skills with knowledge and understanding; to provide opportunities for children to develop their capability through a variety of life skills including cooking, nutrition, design and making. 


At Sedley’s C of E Primary School, we aim to provide children with a Design and Technology (DT) education that is relevant and purposeful. Children have planned opportunities to follow the ‘design, make, evaluate’ process and are encouraged to think creatively.  We provide children with learning opportunities that cover areas such as food technology, joining a range of materials, and using circuits, at the same time as helping them to understand the place that technology has in society and the importance of this curriculum area.

pupil smiling at folded paper origami
group of pupils eating cut up fruit


Our pupils will have the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. There are opportunities to link with other curriculum areas, revisiting, revising and building on previous knowledge.


Children will grow as independent problem solvers and their Growth Mindset will be developed through their DT learning.  Children will be successful collaborators and will be able to recognise the value that DT has in our modern day society, understanding and appreciating the work of architects, designers and inventors.

pupil painting glue onto a cardboard box

Design and Tehnology in Each Stage

In the Early Years DT is addressed within the Expressive Arts and Design Early Learning Goal.

Expressive Arts and Design Early Learning Goal: Creating with Materials – Children at the expected level of development will:

  • Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools, and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form, and function.
  • Share their creations, explaining the process they have used.
  • Make use of props and materials when role-playing characters in narratives and stories

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are exposed to opportunities involving the exploration of colour, pattern, texture, materials, and tools.  They will explore natural materials and be encouraged to express themselves through their drawing, painting and mark-making.

Continuous provision in the Early Years provides ongoing opportunities for pupils to explore creative activities in their own way.

EYFS pupil painting glue,and creating a tower with Pringles tubes and yoghurt pots

Children will be given the opportunity to plan and design a variety of products for a specific purpose, with evaluation playing a vital role at the end of the process.  Children will learn to cut and join a variety of materials, and will work with different media, strengthening and reinforcing as they do so.

pupils sat on the floor looking at a man talking and demonstrating preparing fruit

In Key Stage Two children will develop their use of sketches and diagrams in their planning when designing and investigating products.  They will increase their understanding of food technology, cams, circuits, and mechanisms with detailed plans and step-by-step evaluations in place.  Within this process, children will be able to use a wide range of subject-specific vocabulary.

two pupils playing with chatterboxes, folded up origami

Design and Technology Progression

At Sedley’s, we develop our pupil’s Design and Technology understanding through essential skills; growing their depth of knowledge year on year.

DT Coverage and Progression


SEND Information

Our SEND and disadvantaged pupils are given the necessary support in class to fully access the supported DT curriculum. Learning is adapted where necessary to support SEND/EAL pupils to give equal opportunities for all to be confident in approaching any problems faced. Interventions, support and challenges are constantly revised and adapted to ensure all children are supported in achieving learning. The above areas are robustly and continuously monitored to ensure any gaps in learning are addressed.

Design and Technology Extra Resources

For remote learning, please visit our remote learning page or contact our Head of DT for more information.