Religious Education

Religious Education Subject Leader: Mrs T Grimwood

At Sedley’s Church of England Primary School, we provide a high-quality Religious education curriculum that recognises and reflects all pupils’ beliefs and practices. Our curriculum is designed to reflect the guidance of the Kent Agreed syllabus.


At Sedley’s C of E Primary School we study RE to enrich the quality of children’s lives, to ensure that children become global citizens with the confidence and vocabulary to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  Our delivery of RE provides learning experiences underpinned by our Christian vision. The RE curriculum ensures that pupils have opportunities to look beyond themselves, ask ‘big questions’ and think globally about life and develop an understanding and appreciation of the wider world.


We inspire and develop subject knowledge, skills and understanding of religious beliefs using ‘Understanding Christianity’ resources.  Our RE curriculum is consistently taught and assessed in order that pupils are continually supported and challenged in their learning.

Pupils are encouraged to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate, and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of religion and belief, of themselves, the world and human experience.

A selection of Key Stage 2 pupils are ‘Leading Lights’ and participate in leading Collective Worship as well as  monitoring across the school to support with the implementation of effective RE.


Children are able to:

  • make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and in the wider world
  • develop an understanding of other people’s cultures and ways of life
  • extend their knowledge and understanding of religions and beliefs
  • develop a religious vocabulary and interpret religious symbolism in a variety of forms
  • reflect on questions of meaning, offering their own thoughtful and informed insights

Religious Education in Each Stage

In EYFS, pupils start their journey of Religious Education through an induction into world faiths. We spend 50 minutes a week exploring the stories of the New and Old Testament, understanding why Easter is special and visiting a place of Worship.

collection of religious books on a shelf

In KS1, pupils will spend an average of an hour a week learning about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They will get the opportunity to explore the Bible, visit an Islamic Mosque and meet a Rabbi from the local Jewish community.

In KS2, pupils will express ideas and insights about the significant impact of religions and worldviews. Pupils will expand their knowledge of Christianity, Judaism and Islam taught from years 1 and 2, as well as broaden their understanding of Sikhism and Hinduism. Pupils will get the opportunity to visit a Gurdwara, a Cathedral and a Synagogue.

Religious Education Progression

EYFS and KS1 Coverage and Progression


KS2 Coverage and Progression


SEND Information

Our SEND pupils are supported through our RE curriculum.

Religious Education Extra Resources

For remote learning, please visit our remote learning page or contact our Head of RE for more information.