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Christian Distinctiveness

Christian Vision and Values

These values are referenced and supported within all elements of our school community.  They are at the heart of our daily life in school, and they are woven through our curriculum and central to our Collective Worship.

We aim to serve our community by providing an excellent education for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds in the context of Christian belief and practice. We promote Christian values in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and spiritual development through the experience we offer to all our pupils.

Our school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

Our guiding principle is to put the children at the heart of all that we do to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to flourish and embrace life in all its fulness.


Faith in God


Sharing and Caring


Love is at the centre of life at Sedley’s and drives all that we do.  We encourage positive behaviour rooted in love, and use the example set by Jesus to show love for everyone.

Faith in God gives us strength to live our lives and to grow in our resilience and belief that we can achieve.  Faith helps us all to recognise the ups and downs of life in all its’ fullness and to embrace all that comes our way.

Forgiveness helps all members of our community flourish and work together in a positive way.  We understand the importance of accepting each others’ opinions and that we become more rounded individuals if we are able to forgive and show love, leading to happier outcomes for all.

At Sedley’s we are taught to share in many ways both in learning and play.  We understand the value of sharing and caring and how it leads to successful collaboration.

We understand how honesty is a pathway to success and achievement, and that it builds trust. Honesty with ourselves, our learning and others means we are able to work and play together positively.

Collective Worship

Here at Sedley’s we greatly value our Collective Worship, which is a daily act for all children.  Across the week we have a range of worships, either whole school, in class, singing or celebration.

It is such an important time in the day that allows our whole school community to reflect and think and learn.  We address our school values through worship, along with key teachings from the Bible.

We are part of the Diocese of Rochester and Canterbury and you can link to the Diocese of Rochester and Canterbury website by clicking here

Religious Education

Religious Education is taught in accordance with both the Understanding Christianity Scheme and the Kent Agreed Syllabus. RE enables pupils to appreciate their own and others’ beliefs and cultures, helping them to develop a clear understanding of the significance of religion in their own area as well as in the world today. 

See our Religious Education page for more information. 

Leading Lights

To find out more about our Leading Lights group, please visit the Pupil Leadership page here

Our Church

Here at Sedley’s, we enjoy links with St Nicholas’ church in Soutfleet. We are fortunate to have the church right on our doorstep and our children and families benefit from attending services and events that mark important times in the school and Christian calendar. We hold a range of services at the church for Harvest Festivals, and Christmas Carol Concerts and are often used for teaching purposes at various times to give the opportunity for individual classes to visit the church as part of our RE curriculum.

For more information please visit: St. Nicholas Church Website here.

St Nicholas' Church

Our School Prayer

Bless our School, Lord,
and all that we do in it,
Thank you for the happy times we have here,
and for all that we learn.
Help us to work together, and play together,
So that our School will be a happy place.