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Welcome to Sedley's Church Of England Primary School!


Sedley's is a small school in the village of Southfleet, with four classes for children from 4 to 11 years of age.  The school was founded in 1637 by Sir John Sedley and is a unique setting that is at the heart of the community.  The building has been extended but the original school building is still very much in use and full of character!

At Sedley's we are passionate about providing a wide range of learning experiences for all our children through a curriculum that is broad and varied, making learning memorable and fun for our pupils!  Learning for all is at the heart of what we do, ensuring an inclusive approach so that every pupil is given the opportunity to succeed.

We are proud of our Christian vision and values and we work hard to ensure they are interwoven into all aspects of school life, guiding us on our learning journey.  



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Welcome to our Sedley’s website.  I am Sarah Humphreys and I am Chair of Governors at Sedley’s.  I have 2 children and my youngest is still at the school.  My eldest was at the school for the whole of their primary education and is now in secondary education.  I first lived in Southfleet at the age of 9 and have always loved the village, I am passionate about doing the very best by the children and future children in the school.  I think it’s a huge privilege to be part of a school that has such a strong sense of community.  We are proud of our links to the church and place great value on our traditions and services that link up the local community and church.


I work pretty much full time as a chartered accountant for a large professional services firm for over 20 years.  I was based in London but now I mostly work from home.  The firm I work for brings in many new school and university leavers each year.  I get to see how these young adults adapt and thrive in the working world.  The success of their entire education is revealed at this point. Given these insights, I care very much that our school is part of the journey for each child to becoming a self-content, working adult.  Our vision is Love to Learn – Learn to Love.  This vision is as important to adults as it is to our children.  Most of the jobs our children will do don’t even exist yet and I know I am still learning every day at work as things change.  Even jobs that sound stable (like teaching) are continually evolving and being reinvented to get better and better.  Our Governors are continually learning in their roles to keep doing more and more for our children, so our vision applies to the whole school, our children, our staff, our leadership and our parents and carers. 


For us, it’s partly about the content of what our children learn but it’s also the learning and the  process of learning.  It is also about learning that it’s ok to get things wrong, it’s about making the right choices when things go wrong.  We have adopted the Growth Mindset at Sedley’s to help build the children’s love of learning.  If they are really challenging themselves then sometimes they will get things wrong and that’s ok!  This will accelerate their learning and build their resilience as future adults.  The ability to keep learning will ensure that our children one day become adaptable adults.


We are on a journey to join the Aletheia Anglican Academy Trust.  The Governors are delighted about this next stage for Sedley’s.  We think this will bring the school access to outstanding training, peer networks at all levels and access to future leadership, while maintaining our local identity, ethos, name and community links. 


Being Chair is a hugely rewarding role and all our Governors continually strive to ensure we are working towards the best possible outcomes for all our children. 


Thank you for reading this and please do let us know if you have any feedback for us.  You can contact me on



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